Gsw is a package for the R statistical language that helps Oceanographers do their work by providing an interface to the TEOS-10 Gibbs SeaWater library. It may be used alone, or within the oce package.

The authors would appreciate a citation in papers that use gsw. For any given version, the citation information may be found with citation("gsw") in an R session. For example, the latest version should be cited as Dan Kelley, Clark Richards and WG127 SCOR/IAPSO (2017). gsw: Gibbs Sea Water Functions. R package version 1.0-5. http://teos-10.github.io/GSW-R/index.html, or entered into BibTeX as follows.

    title = {gsw: Gibbs Sea Water Functions},
    author = {Dan Kelley and Clark Richards and WG127 SCOR/IAPSO},
    year = {2017},
    note = {R package version 1.0-5},
    url = {http://teos-10.github.io/GSW-R/index.html},

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